The benefits of blog

Some benefits of blog such as become a better writer, become a published author, learn a group of people, as a tool for teaching.


Facebook for teacing foreign languge

​Facebook is a social media web application used by millions everyday. Students use it comfortably and frequently, as a means of genuine communication, mainly for keeping in touch with friends. As we acknowledge its excellent role in conveying verbal written messages and visuals. If Facebook is so good in promoting daily communication it should be also profitable in the school environment.

Facebook has indeed a great potential as a means for teachers to reach to their students and experiment with learning methods. Students who had never written their homework before, started responding on Facebook to a variety of communicative assignments. 

Using Upin and Ipin video on youtube

​I’ve been focussing on song this week and I had to find a video to match the lesson plan and this is when I found the Upin and Ipin Channel on YouTube. My students absolutely adores to learn the Alphabeth.

First, I was showing Upin and Ipin video while we sang an Alphabeth song together three times. Then, I turn off that video and I asked my students to remember those Alphabeths correctly. Afther that, I called my students to practice those Alphabeth one by one in front of the class. If they couldn’t say it, I would help them. Last, we sang a song together. They were happy to learn the Alphabeth from that song.

Using cellphones in learning

The student can use cellphone or mobile phone in learning. They are becoming more actively engaged with their learning. We have found that encouraging mobile device use has enabled the students to access resources that teacher can’t provide otherwise. For example, students access the internet for research (such as google or teacher department blogs/Facebook support page).

On fieldwork, students can record images, video, sound, take notes, use GPS technology and mapping software to record information essential to their coursework.


I think video is important for teaching and learning in the classroom. We can use video as a tool for teaching. Such as : I show a video ” part of body” to my students. They are happy to see it while they follow the movement of it.

Creative thinking

  1. I would like to point out that hard work alone will not bring success. This world is filled by people who have worked but have little to show for it. Something more than hard work is necessary : It is creative thinking and firm belief in your ability to execute your ideas. The successful people in history have succeeded through their thinking. Their hands were merely helpers to their brains.